Even within the team, which has changed and expanded, there is absolute harmony and a respectful, relaxed interaction within the team and each other.
I am happy to introduce my employees!


Administration, reception, accounting, family

A woman who is always one step ahead of me – both in organising the practice and in school/private matters for my children – that really means something!
She always radiates a friendly and genuine calmness and always finds solutions to problems.
And if she manages to do even more at the same time, she cooks us delicious vegetarian dishes on the side.


Chairside assistant, implantology assistant (certified)

Tanja is constantly on-the-go, whizzing about, helping everywhere at the same time – an energetic whirlwind with a huge heart and an incredible amount of compassion for all our clients and colleagues.


Dental prophylaxis assistant

Our relaxed, cheerful Peruvian who rolls the “R” beautifully and loves everything to do with dental aesthetics. Whether it’s teeth cleaning, bleaching or ceramic veneers, Angelica is always available to help!


Dental assistant, prophylaxis, Cerec

I have never seen such an attentive, caring helper as Izabela. Nothing is too much for her, no challenge too big, she loves to help everywhere and at the same time with a natural ease! She loves working with Cerec, the intraoral scanner!


Our trainees from August 2023

We are excited to see what she brings to our team! So far, everything has been promising! For the time being, we wish her much joy in this training. We will support them wherever we can!


Chairside assistant

Our tall blonde, extremely great resting place in the team and during the treatment, always balanced, calm and with a smile on her face!

Is currently on maternity leave after the birth of her 3rd child. We would like to extend our warmest congratulations!

I couldn’t work without all of you. Thank you again to all of you at this point!
Dr.med.dent. Nicole Leonhard
Master of Science in Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry

Environmental dentistry
Specialist in endodontics, prosthetics
Biological dentistry
Ceramic implants

I try to do my best for you, dear customers, every day! You benefit from my extensive medical knowledge and over 25 years of professional experience! I am constantly undergoing extensive further training and have made it my mission to always be at the cutting edge of technology and medicine, far beyond the field of dentistry.

Thank you for placing your trust in me!

Dental practice Dr. Nicole Leonhard