Even within the team, which has changed and expanded, there is absolute harmony and a respectful, relaxed interaction within the team and each other.
I am happy to introduce my employees!

Astrid Grube

Administration, reception, accounting, family

A woman who is always one step ahead of me – both in organising the practice and in school/private matters for my children – that really means something!
She always radiates a friendly and genuine calmness and always finds solutions to problems.
And if she manages to do even more at the same time, she’ll cook us delicious vegetarian dishes on the side.

Tanja Elfers

Chairside assistant, implantology assistant (certified)

Tanja is constantly on-the-go, whizzing about, helping everywhere at the same time – an energetic whirlwind with a huge heart and an incredible amount of compassion for all our clients and colleagues.

Melanie Saßnick

Chairside assistant

Our tall blonde, extremely great resting place in the team and during the treatment, always balanced, calm and with a smile on her face!

Katharina Kruse

Chairside assistant

A young woman with high standards and hard work and the most infectious laugh you have ever experienced 🙂

Martina Tomforde

Chairside assistant

Supports us still quite fresh and absorbs everything new in our practice eager for knowledge!

I couldn’t work without all of you. Thank you again to all of you at this point!

True stories from the practice

From person to person

I was very touched by a conversation I had with a lady who came to me for the first time, and perhaps some of you will find your own emotions here again:

Gathering all her courage, she told me why she had come to me. She was very aware she had let herself go. Not just her teeth, but overall.
Fear, as in so many people, also played a part in it, of course.
She had a disabled son, which of course meant she forgot to look after herself properly and consequently had little social contact.

She spoke to me sincerely and openly, her eyes filled with tears of shame. Only when she had finished her story could she look me in the eyes properly. She wanted me to understand her on a human level and appealed to me to help her get out of this state of neglect.

This is just one small example. A lot of people have similar experiences. When I treat people and their teeth with respect and esteem, they literally flourish:

  • They go to the hairdressers
  • Men suddenly shave off their beards
  • Go on a diet or start exercising
  • Get to know new people who have a positive influence on them
  • Start a new job
  • Consciously take responsibility for their life and turn it around.

A wonderful team is at your and my side to help you achieve these goals. We treat you with the greatest respect and esteem on a personal level and strive for mutual trust.

But we would also like to be treated as such by you.

Dental practice Dr. Nicole Leonhard