Endodontic (root canal) treatments using a surgical microscope

The aim of root canal treatment is to completely remove the bacteria-infected tooth nerve from inside the tooth, to clean and disinfect all cavities and then to close them securely and permanently and then treat the tooth with a crown.

This is the only way to preserve a tooth in the oral cavity with a probability of 96%. Pain-free and resilient.

This only works, however, with special equipment, techniques and a great deal of knowledge about the anatomy of the roots. Success rates using conventional (no microscope, only hand instruments) treatments are only about 50%.

Specialist in endodontics

As my goal has always been to preserve teeth painlessly and gently and to treat them correctly, I considered the training to become a specialist in endodontics an absolute MUST. And of, course, the Americans are far ahead of us when it comes to this – I completed several years of further training in Munich and Philadelphia to acquire the specialist knowledge and techniques.


Your dental practice in the centre of Stade

When choosing the location of our practice, we made sure that it was within easy reach. It is very close to parking facilities and public transport stops.

Accessibilitywalking distance
Bike standsright in front of the door
Multi-storey car parkabout 2 minutes
Bus stop (Pferdemarkt)about 2 minutes
Station (S-Bahn and train)about 8 minutes

Dental practice Dr. Nicole Leonhard