Biological dentistry

What does “holistic dentistry” mean?

Holistic dentistry, also called biological dentistry, combines the achievements of modern dentistry with the principles of biological medicine. In doing so, we recognize that the masticatory organ is very closely connected with the entire body and is located in the immediate vicinity of eminently important organs, such as the brain. Holistic dentists do not only treat what hurts our patients at the moment, but treat the entire “human system”. Only with a holistic approach in diagnostics and treatment can a proper healing of chronic diseases take place, which are massively increasing due to the increasing environmental stress. The three most important causes of chronic diseases today are stress, EMF (electromagnetic fields – cell phones, WLAN, 5G, etc.) and stress in the oral cavity. Besides the oral cavity, there is no other organ and no other region of the body in our organism, which is interspersed with heavy metals, alloys, toxic materials, dead body organs and inflammations to such an extent. Also, dentistry is the only medical discipline that tolerates leaving a dead organ (tooth) in the body.

Tooth-organ relationship

Teeth, like liver or kidney, are organs with their own blood, nerve and lymph supply and are closest to the brain because of their localization in the head. A special feature is the sensitivity of the teeth and the jaw, which is supplied by the V. cranial nerve (trigeminal nerve). Routinely, a wide variety of materials, some of them highly toxic, are installed in this sensitive region under the guise of craft longevity (amalgam). The consequences are often severe for the entire organism. The oral cavity therefore represents a key position for prevention and recovery, since most interference fields in the body are located in the oral cavity. Since all teeth are connected to certain anatomical structures, organs and systems through a network of energy pathways (meridians), an inflammation or disturbance in a certain area of the tooth almost always leads to a disturbance in the area of the meridian and, conversely, to an improvement when this disturbance has been removed (tooth-organ relationship). As a holistic dentist, I can test this correlation by performing a test injection with procaine in that area of the tooth.

Holistic dentistry – goals of treatment

The goal of holistic dentistry should be to rid the organism of metals, interference fields and to replace the teeth aesthetically with ceramics. Through ceramic implants from SDS (Swiss-Biohealth according to Dr. Ulrich Volz), holistic dentists can offer the patient a metal-free, highly aesthetic, healthy restoration. Amalgams and metals are removed with precautions, teeth are replaced with ceramic implants, and dental restorations are exclusively all-ceramic.

The human body is extremely intelligent and, if possible, stores the fat-soluble toxins in the metabolically inactive connective and fatty tissues, but in athletic people also in the nervous tissue and brain. A targeted elimination of heavy metals under medical supervision should follow the metal removal in order to strengthen the immune system.


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