Implants and orthodontics

About my training in implants and orthodontics:

I wrote my doctoral thesis in oral and maxillofacial surgery under the renowned Prof. Wilfried Wagner in Mainz on implant systems. My work was presented at a Viennese congress while I was still a student.

I wrote my master thesis on navigation systems in implantology, a subject that was still relatively unknown at the time.

I enjoyed my orthodontic training in a very large and well-known practice in Mainz (Doctors Klein/Seiferth), where I completed two years of further training before opening my practice.

Dental implants – usage in the practice

Example of missing incisors

With this young 20-year-old lady, both lateral incisors were missing from birth. In cases like these I prefer to close the gaps orthodontically and treat the canines with a veneer, which would also be much cheaper, but the family chose the more arduous route:

  • Gap opening for the implants using the lingual technique
  • Temporary teeth were bonded to neighbouring teeth
  • Implants placed using drilling template
  • Four months healing time
  • Restoration of implants with crowns
  • Important: Gum papillae must develop
dental implants after
Dental implants after
Dental implants - Lingual technique
Lingual technique
Provisional before
Dental implants - Provisional before



If you want whiter teeth, then of course you have to bleach them beforehand using bleaching trays. This is because the new crowns/veneers are adapted to match the new tooth shade.


For reasons of hygiene, I do not insert implants at the same time as carrying out other treatment. I first conduct a DVT analysis (this is a 3-dimensional X-ray to see all important structures such as distance to the maxillary sinuses, distance to the nerve track in the lower jaw and to the adjacent teeth) by means of a drilling template in a separate session.

Healing times

It is important to observe the typical healing times (two months in the lower jaw, approx. six months in the upper jaw). But in the meantime I will take care of all your other teeth so that you will very quickly experience a feeling of success.

These are examples of how treatments can be planned sensibly and effectively so that you don’t lose interest and spend too much time with too many appointments in the dental practice.

Stress-free dates

If you wish, we can also plan longer treatments with my team on Saturdays and Sundays so that your work during the week is stress-free.


Your dental practice in the centre of Stade

When choosing the location of our practice, we made sure that it was within easy reach. It is very close to parking facilities and public transport stops.

Accessibilitywalking distance
Bike standsright in front of the door
Multi-storey car parkabout 2 minutes
Bus stop (Pferdemarkt)about 2 minutes
Station (S-Bahn and train)about 8 minutes

Dental practice Dr. Nicole Leonhard