Ceramic covers

Veneers are thin, translucent ceramic covers and are used to visually enhance teeth and protect enamel – the outer layer of the tooth.


All-ceramic crowns

As with veneers, it is also essential to pay close attention to the later shape, structure, surface of the neighbouring teeth, incidence of light, colour and the overall appearance, especially in the case of a single crown in the visible area.

Root canal treatment


Pain-free root canal treatments with the help of a microscope are routine dental tasks in our practice.

Dental implants

and orthodontics

Saving every tooth is not always possible and sometimes teeth are missing naturally.

Dental health care

Overall treatment

Regular control and care of teeth prevents tooth decay, periodontal disease and other dental disease. If the teeth are already affected, a complete treatment plan can be carried out individually.

Holistic dentistry

Tooth-organ relationship

The goal of holistic dentistry should be to rid the organism of metals, interference fields and to replace the teeth aesthetically with ceramics.

Our service


If you wish, we can write to you every six months (e-mail or letter) and remind you of an appointment. Private health insurance companies now also require everybody to keep a health care booklet. Hidden inflammations or caries can quickly develop in six months, even without you noticing it. Do something about it and we’ll help you remember those dates.


The basic framework treatments generally proceed as follows:

1st appointment:

  • Getting to know you
  • We will talk about what you want, your expectations, worries, fears, allergies, possible illnesses, goals, financial conditions
  • I will explain all the treatment options, show you models with types of care, photos, also of your teeth.
  • I will give you a check-up, take photos and x-rays and possibly impressions for design models so that I can analyse the situation in peace after you have left.
  • I will never start treating you in the first session unless you expressly want me to because you are in acute pain.

2nd appointment:

  • Discussion of the planned and desired treatment
  • Discussion about costs
  • Documents, treatment and cost plan, cost estimates, medical justifications are explained and given to you in full.
  • If you wish, you can book appointments for the planned treatment there and then.

Medical history form

Fill in straight away and bring to the first appointment in our practice.


As a rule – and depending on the number and size of your teeth – I require the following appointments, which are individually agreed with you.

For example, you would like to have all old, cracked, black amalgam fillings removed and replaced by ceramic inlays and all-ceramic crowns. On average, you have about ten teeth to treat in the upper jaw and 12 teeth in the lower jaw.

We will give you two appointments on consecutive days. All affected teeth are treated in the upper jaw on the first day and in the lower jaw on the second:

  • First I anaesthetise the teeth
  • My assistant makes a kind of plasticine impression for the temporary teeth
  • Then I remove all fillings, old crowns, tooth decay
  • I build up the teeth with so-called plastic fillings as a substructure
  • I file the teeth for the intended inlays and crowns
  • I make an impression of the current state for the dental lab
  • You will receive temporary dentistry to protect your teeth, which looks good so that you can work and socialise until the work is finished.

The impressions, photos and everything else is sent to the lab so that only one technician does all the work. The work is done by hand and each person has their own signature. It is important to me that only one signature can be seen in your mouth afterwards, with a uniform colour and uniform ceramic!

If you agree, I will start the work about 10 days later, either in one appointment or in two appointments. Then we will arrange a follow-up appointment to check everything went well.


Aesthetics is perfectly natural for me and makes me feel calm and serene during the treatment, because I have the end result in mind right from the start.

But aesthetics has nothing to do with ‘beauty’ alone, it is much more.

Aesthetics includes

  • A lot of feeling
  • Harmony
  • Peace for the eyes
  • Self-confidence

  • Positive energy
  • Healthy well-being
  • Serenity
  • Zest for life

This is what I’d like to give you. If you want.


My training and further education in the national and international field is so extensive that I am able to treat you painlessly and safely in all areas of dentistry using state-of-the-art technology (Zeiss microscope, magnifying glasses, intraoral camera, etc.).

I place great value on working closely with a large number of doctors and laboratories who focus on naturopathy and are located exclusively in Germany.

I use only a few but good biocompatible and allergy-free materials, which I would accept in my own mouth.

Anxiety patients

Of course, I have learned to deal with the fear of clients (I am a hypnosis therapist for anxiety patients), but I have also learned to achieve the final result by working with my clients – within a limited time frame, of course.

From experience I know that when a customer decides I should take care of his teeth, it can’t go fast enough … and we are ready for that!

Metal-free care of teeth

The field of metal-free, fixed fittings (crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays) is very complex. The complexity of its execution is only fully understood when thoroughly scrutinised a second time if you want to achieve long-term success.

On account of this, I completed a Master’s degree over 4 years at the University of Krems in Austria more than 15 years ago, dealing with everything to do with ceramics, bleaching, gum disease (periodontosis), red-white aesthetics, implants in the highly visible area.

The quality requirements were very high – a few patient cases with before and after photos can be seen on the service pages.

To be awarded the title of

Master of Science in Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry

involved a great many treatments, metal-free reconstructions of a great many, extremely difficult, complex dental situations.

Holistic dentistry

I continuously participate in continuing education at SDS (Swiss Biohealth Klinik – Switzerland – Dr. Ulrich Volz – Biological Dentistry) for training as a specialist in biological dentistry and ceramic implants.

This is recognized by the ISMI ( Int. Society of Metal free Implantology) and the IAOC (Int. Academy of Ceramic Implantology) .


Your dental practice in the centre of Stade

When choosing the location of our practice, we made sure that it was within easy reach. It is very close to parking facilities and public transport stops.

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