Aesthetics does not mean to catch the eye, but to remain in the memory.


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Dentist Dr. Nicole Leonhard
I love what I do.

I’ve wanted to be a dentist since I was eight years old. Considering our financial circumstances – my mother was a single parent, my father left us when I was three years old – this seemed an impossible dream.

I took the path – the most difficult one.

As I have always viewed dentistry and my work for my clients (I don’t call them patients) in a different way than many of my colleagues, I became self-employed at a very early stage, setting up my own practice in times of great economic hardship and without capital of my own.

But with love, hard work, optimism and confidence in what I do and a great deal of honesty towards my clients and myself I became very successful.

And this is what my staff and anyone who visits my practice feel – every day.

Metal-free care

I realised very early on that a person’s teeth cannot be viewed in isolation, but that a holistic approach to treatment that takes into account the importance of teeth for the entire body is the more sensible and healthy way to go in the long term.

And so I learned that metal-free materials (if possible), ideally ceramic, are the materials of the future, and not just for aesthetic reasons.



Ceramic covers

Veneers are thin, translucent ceramic covers and are used to visually enhance teeth and protect enamel – the outer layer of the tooth.


All-ceramic crowns

As with veneers, it is also essential to pay close attention to the later shape, structure, surface of the neighbouring teeth, incidence of light, colour and the overall appearance, especially in the case of a single crown in the visible area.

Dental implants

and orthodontics

Saving every tooth is not always possible and sometimes teeth are missing naturally.

Root canal treatment


Pain-free root canal treatments with the help of a microscope are routine dental tasks in our practice.

Dental health care

Overall treatment

Regular check-ups and dental care prevent tooth decay, periodontosis and other dental problems. If the teeth are already affected, a complete treatment plan can be carried out individually.


Your dental practice in the centre of Stade

When choosing the location of our practice, we made sure that it was within easy reach. It is very close to parking facilities and public transport stops.

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Fahrradständerdirekt vor der Tür
Parkhausca. 2 Minuten
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(S-Bahn und Bahn)
ca. 8 Minuten


For me, being a dentist is not a profession, but a calling!

Other children wanted to be a policewoman or an astronaut. I always had the dream of becoming a dentist. That fresh smell when I came into the office. The warmth and the security.

A degree was incredibly far away for me, but I managed it. I went into business for myself early on and created more than a practice. I created a home. For my team, my customers and me.

We look at each person holistically and guide you on the path to a healthier life and stronger self-esteem. With calm and serenity.

For me, being a dentist is not a profession, but a calling!

Dental practice Dr. Nicole Leonhard